Thursday, November 3, 2011 – 09:00 p.m.

San Bernardino County Third District Supervisor Neil Derry appears un-phased in his bid for reelection to a second term.

Derry packed a full house at Joe Greensleeves’ Restaurant in downtown Redlands Wednesday afternoon.

The successful event is the first of several Derry has planned leading up to his reelection in June 2012.

Addressing a full house of eighty attendees, Derry said his two announced opponents, Assemblyman Paul Cook and San Manuel Band of Mission Indians Chairman James Ramos, are nice gentlemen, but lacked the experience to be a county supervisor.

Derry cited the biggest issues facing county government as being financial issues caused by the faltering economy and maintaining public safety, along with basic services.

Not job creation! As some believe.

Derry also told the crowd, “the San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino needs to remain on the reservation where it is now”.

The Derry campaign conservatively expects to net north of $70,000 from the event, after deducting fundraising and overhead expenses.