Tuesday, November 1, 2011 – 09:15 a.m.

The San Bernardino County Employees Retirement Association (SBCERA) is set to revisit it’s termination of a failed scheme to manage the retirement assets of other local governments.

Last month SBCERA ended its plan to manage the money of other jurisdictions designated to fund other post employment benefits such as health benefits through the entity Pacific Public Partners (PPP).

David Ellis, who operates under Delta Partners LLC, and Brett Granlund, lobbyist for Sacramento-base Platinum Advisors, two politically-connected players, lost contracts with the termination, which required thirty days notice.

Now the pension fund’s board of trustees is set to revisit the matter under item number 19 on Thursday’s agenda.

It’s unknown if agenda item number 8 titled “Threatened Litigation” is related.

The website for PPP was taken down last month.