Published: 29 October 2011 04:19 PM

Riverside’s Ward 7 councilman and his runoff opponent have about a week and a half left to get their messages out to voters.

Councilman Steve Adams, wrapping up his second term, will face challenger John Brandriff on Nov. 8.

Adams, 59, is a retired police officer and small business owner who has represented the city’s westernmost ward for nearly eight years.

Brandriff, 55, recently retired after 29 years as a driver for UPS, and he has served on the city’s Community Police Review Commission since 2007.

None of the three candidates for the seat in June — Adams, Brandriff and former mayor and councilwoman Terry Frizzel — received the 50 percent plus one vote required to win outright, so a runoff was set between the top two vote getters.

Adams also faced a runoff in 2007, when he beat Frizzel by 16 votes. This election cycle, campaign finance records show Adams has outspent Brandriff nearly sevenfold, with Adams reporting $110,098 spent in 2010 and 2011, and Brandriff reporting $15,858 spent in the same period.

In an interview, Brandriff said a key issue for Ward 7 voters is progress in the Five Points area.

The problem at Five Points, which the city hoped to revitalize with fresh architecture and new shops, is that the city got longstanding businesses moved out and tore down old buildings before new plans were finalized, Brandriff said.

“It’s been handled poorly,” he said. “We’ve had empty fields for 2½ years on some of those lots.”

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