San Bernardino’s council sends it to committee, but a proposal on campaign financing doesn’t advance


Published: 17 October 2011 09:52 PM

The San Bernardino City Council on Monday approved further discussion of a proposal for term limits but rejected a motion that would have continued discussion about campaign contribution limits.

Councilman Rikke Van Johnson brought forth both ideas, saying that elected officials who serve multiple terms and receive large contributions from employee unions are more likely to be beholden to special interests than residents.

Chas Kelley offered a substitute motion to have the Legislative Review Committee discuss limiting elected officials to three terms, and also to consider eliminating the ward system.

Johnson and Wendy McCammack dissented in the 4-2 vote, with Fred Shorett absent. McCammack had suggested keeping the ward system but have each candidate voted on citywide.

“We have been criticized for caring for only one section of our city,” Kelley said.


The campaign finance proposal created the most buzz.

Johnson had a staff member pin to the council chamber walls posters that showed contributions as of Sept. 24 by the police and fire unions to council candidates and the city attorney.

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