Friday, August 26, 2011 – 07:40 a.m.

When I read one of the stories in Friday’s edition of The Sun newspaper I had to roll my eyes.

One of the main stories in the paper thin publication was three democrat mayors endorsing a democrat tribal chairman for county supervisor.


Yes, San Bernardino Mayor Pat “I blew millions at the airport” Morris, Yucaipa Mayor Dick “Many of my residents hate me” Riddell, and Redlands Mayor Pete “I get free city-paid health care” Aguilar, have emphatically endorsed fellow democrat and San Manuel Tribal Chairman James “I don’t pay state income tax” Ramos for San Bernardino County Supervisor.

Stop the presses!

Actually, for The Sun, it’s more like protecting their San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino advertising revenue.

More importantly, for The Sun, a newspaper always on financial life support and laying off its employees, the key motto is one of “every dime counts”.

Sources say Third District Supervisor Neil Derry, the man Ramos hopes to unseat, will be trickling out some endorsements of his own. Endorsements likely to make Ramos unhappy and concerned.

It should be noted that Derry is a staunch republican.

Tribal Chairman Ramos is about to learn that shoving and prodding local officials for their endorsement doesn’t go over well.

Not being able to answer pointed questions on why he wants to be supervisor is another problem.

Additionally, Derry has been demanding Ramos, who earns more than $1.5 million annually, release his personal income tax returns.

Ramos has refused.

To be fair, Riddell is a republican. But, in this case, he might just as well be a dem.

Maybe Mayor Morris can give Ramos lessons from his new book “How to drive a city into the ground in eight years or less!”