Wendy Leung, Staff Writer
Created: 08/25/2011 03:05:18 PM PDT

RANCHO CUCAMONGA — Activists who oppose the city’s new permitting process for protests will respond Friday with a protest of their own at Foothill and Day Creek boulevards.

Organizers across the political spectrum – from a chapter of the tea party to a local Democratic club — will meet at 5 p.m. to speak out against a city ordinance approved last week.

“We’re all speaking out about our right to assemble,” said Jean Ensley-Rositter of the Inland Valley Patriots, a local chapter of the tea party.

The ordinance stipulates that starting Sept. 16, organizers planning to hold rallies and protests in this city will need to obtain a permit. Organizers will need to give six days of notice when gatherings of 75 people or more take place along streets such as Foothill Boulevard, Base Line Road and 11 other major streets in the city.

City Attorney Jim Markman said the new ordinance is strictly concerned with traffic safety.

“There’s no abridgement of a right here,” Markman said. “It’s just an attempt by the police to get notice.”

According to law enforcement officials, large scale protests in recent years have led to the consideration of such an ordinance. San Bernardino County sheriff’s Capt. Mike Newcombe said without prior notice of such gatherings, officers are left “scrambling at the last minute.”

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