10:00 PM PDT on Tuesday, August 23, 2011


With the future of its Redevelopment Agency uncertain, the Redlands City Council took a procedural step on Tuesday to ensure that the agency will be able to continue to meet its financial obligations.

The council adopted an enforceable obligation payment schedule, which is required under a portion of one of two state Assembly bills that would abolish redevelopment agencies while providing an alternative for cities to continue redevelopment.

The legislation signed by Gov. Jerry Brown would funnel redevelopment money — about $1.7 billion this fiscal year — from some 400 agencies into state coffers.

A lawsuit has challenged the constitutionality of the legislation and the state Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments and make a decision by next January. The court held up enacting some elements of the legislation until then.

Under the legislation, cities can continue to conduct redevelopment activities if they agree to make a payment to the state each year.

Redlands would owe just over $2 million in January and smaller amounts in future years.

The Redlands City Council has not yet had a discussion about the future of the city’s redevelopment agency.

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