By Sandra Emerson Staff Writer
Created: 07/21/2011 04:11:15 PM PDT

UPLAND – Former Mayor John Pomierski is demanding the city pay for his defense against a lawsuit filed by a former Upland business.

In a letter sent to City Hall on July 8, Pomierski’s personal attorney, Robert Schauer, demanded the city pay for Pomierski’s defense against the lawsuit filed in April by the owners of the Chronic Cantina restaurant and bar.

“Everything they claim happened of a material matter JP denies and second, he was mayor when all that occurred. I think they have the obligation to defend him,” Schauer said.

Schauer did not want to comment further until he receives a response from the city.

The business owner filed a lawsuit in April in West Valley Superior Court accusing Pomierski, Upland contractor John Hennes and Upland Police Chief Steve Adams of extorting money from them. They paid the officials $15,000, but when they did not pay an additional $25,000 the city revoked their conditional use permit, according to the complaint.

The City Council revoked the restaurant’s conditional use permit in April 2009 due to an alleged increase in crime.

The restaurant owners claim the calls were made elsewhere in the city, but attributed to Chronic Cantina in order to have them shut down.

Pomierski and Hennes were indicted on March 2 on federal corruption charges that outline a scheme to extort money from two Upland businesses, including Chronic Cantina.

Adams has not been charged with any crime.

The business owners also filed a claim for $6.1 million in damages, which was rejected by the city in May.

The City Council will discuss Pomierski’s request during closed session on Monday.

Mayor Ray Musser said he hopes the council can reach a consensus during the meeting.

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