Monday, July 11, 2011 – 10:00 a.m.

The following is a list of recipients of San Bernardino County retirees receiving annual pension payments in the amount of $200,000 and greater.

The information was released by the San Bernardino County Employees Retirement Association (SBCERA) as a result of a lawsuit filed by The Press-Enterprise.

The pension fund had fought the litigation for about a year.


NAME                             Position                        Pension Amount
Richard A. Beemer                Undersheriff                    $290,901.96
Norman A. Kanold                 Associate County Administrator  $254,818.80
Michael Stodelle                 Assistant Sheriff               $254,640.36
Warren S. Nobles                 Assistant Sheriff               $254,031.60
Thomas L. Sutton                 Director, Special District      $253,332.48
Gerald Farber                    Public Defender                 $243,287.40
Ronald W. Biebedorf              Assistant Sheriff               $241,447.32
James Coronado                   Sheriff's Deputy Chief          $241,276.92
Bruce J. Zeiner                  Assistant Sheriff               $238,040.76
John Michaelson                  Chief Executive Officer         $236,271.96
Richard N. Larsen                Treasurer-Tax Collector         $235,421.04
Colene B. Haller                 Not Specified                   $233,070.48
Robert McDonald                  Deputy Administrative Officer   $231,485.28
Ronald Reitz                     County Counsel                  $230,626.20
Alan K. Marks                    County Counsel                  $228,577.44
Robert Peppler                   Undersheriff                    $227,046.00
Dennis J. Casey                  Sheriff's Deputy Chief          $224,508.72
Stephen P. Hall                  Chief Information Officer       $222,846.84
Edward Ripley                    Sheriff's Deputy Chief          $221,766.84
Roger A. Stocker                 Fire Dept. - Division Chief     $218,736.24
Terry J. Welsh                   Fire Dept. - Division Chief     $218,115.48
Ronald Perret                    Sheriff's Deputy Chief          $217,202.16
Andrew L. Kjeldgaard             SBCERA - Chief Counsel          $215,616.24
Raymond Wingerd                  Not Specified                   $214,553.18
Norman L. Hurst                  Sheriff's Deputy Chief          $214,378.32
James Nunn                       Sheriff's Deputy Chief          $213,889.44
Kathleen Rollings-McDonald       LAFCO - Executive Director      $211,377.84
James McReynolds                 Not Specified                   $208,310.88
Daniel Haueter                   Principal Asst. County Counsel  $208,239.96
Richard F. Maxwell               Not Specified                   $208,070.16
Gary S. Penrod                   Sheriff-Coroner                 $208,020.84
Michael J. Howell                Sheriff's Captain               $206,244.84
Vana Olson                       Director of Public Works        $204,144.12
Errol Mackzum                    Auditor-Controller-Recorder     $204,002.64
Paul Howe                        Sheriff's Sergeant              $203,390.04
James D. Stalnaker               Sheriff's Captain               $203,319.24
Patrick Mead                     Director of Public Works        $202,916.40
Michael A. McDowell              Supervising Dep District Atty   $202,731.72
Richard Tyler                    Sheriff's Captain               $200,555.52