By Sandra Emerson Staff Writer
Created: 06/02/2011 03:08:05 PM PDT

UPLAND – A former and a current planning commissioner recently resolved an issue outlined in an email to the City Council, but not before the FBI was made aware of its contents, according to one councilman.

Former Planning Commissioner Mark Bertone sent an email to the City Council on May 2 that described a conversation he had with current commissioner Robert Schauer.

According to Bertone’s email, Schauer approached him during a City Council meeting on Dec. 13.

Schauer allegedly told him “there is a good chance the feds will call you and ask you if the mayor had contacted you on the day of your first Planning Commission meeting regarding the Rockin’ Roadhouse. And all you have to say is no.”

Bertone and Schauer have discussed the issue which they both say was a misunderstanding. They addressed the City Council on May 23 regarding their resolution.

However, Councilman Gino Filippi said the FBI asked him about the email and its contents.

“I was taken back when I learned it had been released,” Filippi said. “I have been contacted by the FBI regarding the email. I cannot comment further.”

An FBI spokesperson did not return calls for comment Thursday.

Bertone and Schauer said the FBI has not asked them about the email.

“All it takes is two people to get together to talk,” Bertone said.

The Planning Commission was mentioned in the 11-count indictment of former Mayor John Pomierski and Building Board of Appeals member John Hennes.

The two are accused of participating in an extortion scheme that targeted two businesses.

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