Thursday, May 26, 2011 – 03:39 p.m.

Apparently the pot is stirring at the San Bernardino County government center over this mornings post on the impending gutting of the supervisorial district staffs.

Yes, the finger pointing and blame game has began.

We here at became more curious about this continued ceding of power, by officials elected to actually supervise, and decided to look at neighboring Riverside County.

Riverside County has some expansive geographical issues, but not to the extent of San Bernardino.

Yes, they are watching their San Bernardino County counterparts with amazement. One contact told me the San Bernardino mess would be entertaining if it wasn’t so pathetic.

Well it seems the Riverside bunch staff between six and nine employees, with the majority staffing their districts at nine, exclusive of the elected supervisor.

For a county with its act together, it seems they find value in community outreach and operational oversight.

Some districts even have their own legislative analysts. Yes, it’s true.

An abomination under the new and improved San Bernardino County standard.

The new San Bernardino County staffing matrix, at six or seven employees maximum, shouldn’t even require a chief of staff.

The San Berdoo supervisors could revert to just an office and a secretary, or better yet, the supes should just stay home, draw the pay and benefits and appear only when summoned by the Chief Executive.

Officials in other counties have to be rolling on the floor watching this example of a government paralyzed.

What a plan to clean up county government!