Finances, ethics also discussed
Sandra Emerson, Staff Writer
Created: 04/26/2011 06:28:14 PM PDT

UPLAND – Two members of the City Council will review the way the council selects members of city commissions and committees.

After some discussion regarding the item on Monday, the council voted to task Councilmen Brendan Brandt and Gino L. Filippi with reviewing the selection process.

“We’re going to look at the appointment process for all of the commissions and boards that we have, but some are directed by city code or other laws as to how people are chosen,” Brandt said.

The City Council Advisory Committee had proposed a plan to change the way the council selects committee and commission members, which included reducing the Planning Commission to five members from seven.

Each of the five members would be nominated by a council member and then ratified by the whole council.

However, the council voted to keep the Planning Commission at seven members, so now Brandt and Filippi will look into other ways to select the commissioners and other committee members.

Currently, the mayor and a council member interview potential commissioners before recommending them to the council for approval.

“It’s not a criticism of the way in the past Upland has done it, but just to get a better feeling as to what our surrounding cities do in terms of selection process of the Planning Commission,” Brandt said. “We’ll get input from staff and make a recommendation to the full City Council as to the different methods for the Planning Commission.”

The council decided to postpone the first reading of its proposed campaign finance ordinance to the next meeting on May 9.

Filippi asked to postpone the council’s decision because he had several concerns.

“I don’t want to rush it. Thankfully I have an opportunity now to come back and become more comfortable with it,” Filippi said. “I do think there’s a perception that is unfair.”

Because the ordinance will restrict a campaign to $2,000 in donations from a person or group over a two-year period, Filippi is concerned over how it will affect a new council member who might decide to run for mayor in 2012.

The city is holding a special election in August to fill a vacancy left by former Councilman Ray Musser, when he was appointed mayor. His term will be up in 2012.

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