Wednesday, April 6, 2011 – 03:15 p.m.


It’s something that rears its ugly head all too often.

Especially in politics.

Take former San Bernardino County Supervisor Dennis L. Hansberger.

Hansberger, who last weekend decided to slander and defame two retired San Bernardino County Superior Court judges and a retired justice of the California Supreme Court, is talking out both sides of his mouth.

In a story published in Sunday’s edition of The Sun newspaper, Hansberger basically accuses retired Judges Christopher Warner and Peter Norell, along with retired Justice Edward Panelli of being corrupt regarding their involvement in the $102 million settlement between the county and Colonies partners L.P.

A bad thing for a former elected official who may not enjoy the same immunity in making public statements as he did when he was a ‘public figure’ a little more than two years ago.

InlandPolitics.com has researched archives of The Sun newspaper and discovered some interesting statements made by Hansberger.

Statements made just twenty-three months ago.

It’s too bad the newspaper can’t do the same.

In an article written by reporter Joe Nelson and published May 16, 2009, Hansberger made the following statements regarding the November 28, 2006 settlement.

The story reads;

Hansberger, a former county supervisor, said that although he could understand how some could perceive Burum’s relationship with county officials as a little too close for comfort, he doesn’t see Burum’s actions, or those of county officials, as egregious or illegal.

“It might be wrong for some of the public officials to be accepting his advancements or friendships, but I don’t see him breaking the law,” Hansberger said.

It may take a criminal jury trial or civil lawsuit, but eventually the truth will come out regarding Hansberger’s motivation for attacking the judges involved in the litigation.

It would appear that no one is immune from having their reputations destroyed by Hansberger and his political allies.