Quincey argued with ex-fiancee
Sandra Emerson, Staff Writer
Posted: 04/04/2011 08:49:29 PM PDT

An Upland police report obtained by the Daily Bulletin paints City Manager Robb Quincey as a jealous suitor who asked an ex-fiance to marry him and – after she refused – cursed her, punched and kicked her car, and sent her threatening text messages.

The city has refused the Daily Bulletin’s requests to release the police report, which Police Chief Steve Adams gave to the FBI last year as part of an investigation of corruption in the city.

Quincey in January 2010 settled a claim against the city that stemmed from the domestic incident, which was classified in the police report as “Annoying/Harassing Phone communications.”

The police report, taken on July 27, 2008, describes an altercation between Quincey and an ex-fiance.

No charges were filed. The report was not sent to the District Attorney’s Office, said acting Police Chief Jeff Mendenhall. Adams is out on sick leave.

Neither Quincey nor his attorney returned calls for comment Monday.

According to the woman’s statement, Quincey became angry after having a conversation in her vehicle outside his house. He demanded that she marry him and in response she asked him to get out of the car so she could go home. Quincey allegedly cursed her, hit her driver’s window with his hand, slammed his fist into the hood of her vehicle and kicked the driver’s side of her front quarter panel in his flip-flops.

Later that evening, the woman received three text messages from Quincey that made her feel threatened, according to the report. The officers viewed and photographed the messages.

The woman said she was afraid of Quincey because he is a jealous person, according to the report.

In the first text message, Quincey wrote, “ur a pathological lying loser…never contact me again…and don’t ever use my name or reference…and I will be tested tomorrow for viruses from u and ur boys.”

In a second message he wrote, “and if I’m infected, the many, many problems that u now experience, will come to be minor comparatively…ur destined for ur fate.”

A third message said, “F*** ur brains out you loser, and conversely STAY AWAY from me in every regard forever…better yet move you drugged up tramp!!”

Quincey has been on paid leave of absence since Jan. 4. He was placed on leave by the City Council soon after the Daily Bulletin reported that he settled a complaint from a sergeant who responded to the police call involving Quincey and his girlfriend.

The sergeant, who claimed he was passed over for promotion because he had investigated the Quincey incident, was promoted to lieutenant as part of the settlement. Quincey also authorized a $25,000 payment to be made to the police union attorney.

Detective Craig Sipple and then-Sgt. John Moore responded to the woman’s residence in the 1700 block of Seth Loop West in Upland.

A neighbor was at the woman’s house when police were taking the report. The neighbor received a text message from another neighbor saying Quincey was heading in their direction on Colonies Parkway.

The woman became more upset and afraid. She felt that because he saw the police at her house he might retaliate against her, according to the report.

Download: Police report (alleged victim’s name redacted)

Sipple examined the woman’s vehicle and noted a dirt shoe print on the driver’s front quarter panel with a small dent, a small dent on the hood, and a print from the side of a hand on the driver’s window.

Quincey’s vehicle was located nearby, according to the report. The officers went to the residence and obtained Quincey’s statement.

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