The State Worker
Chronicling civil-service life for California state workers
March 31, 2011

Contracts recently negotiated by Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration don’t come close to saving the state enough money, placing “greater pressure on the administration to achieve employee compensation savings through other administrative actions, such as hiring freezes, furlough programs, and layoffs,” an internal state memo says.

The memo sent Wednesday from the Legislative Analyst’s Office to the Senate Republican Budget Committee, embedded below, estimates that the contracts will produce only about one-third of the $308 million in general fund savings that Brown proposes in his budget.

Steve Maviglio, spokesman for the union coalition Californians for Health Care and Retirement Security, sent The State Worker an e-mail with this take: “This memo is another strong dose of pension reality. For all the alarmist political attacks on public employees, this shows that they are making significant concessions to get us through this economic crisis.”

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