Council has closed session
Sandra Emerson, Staff Writer
Created: 03/29/2011 04:55:14 PM PDT

UPLAND – Council members discussed City Manager Robb Quincey’s employment during a closed session meeting on Monday, but didn’t provide much information to the public on his status with the city.

Quincey has been on paid leave of absence since Jan. 4, but continues to collect compensation and benefits totaling more than $460,000 annually.

City Attorney William Curley said the issue involves personnel and legal matters.

“I know the council is frustrated that it can’t give the public a far more detailed overview of what they’re doing and what they have been doing,” Curley said.

“It isn’t always as fast or transparent as some may like it to be. Ultimately, it all comes out.”

Councilman Gino L. Filippi said he is concerned and frustrated about the process, like many residents and business owners.

“Personally, I hope that the situation can be resolved with the least amount of damage to all involved,” Filippi said. “Unfortunately, there is a price to pay for what has taken place.”

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