New mayor to give State of City speech
Sandra Emerson, Staff Writer
Created: 03/19/2011 07:06:29 AM PDT

UPLAND – Newly appointed Mayor Ray Musser will deliver his first State of the City address Tuesday during a chaotic time in the city’s history.

Musser was appointed mayor by the City Council on Feb. 28 following the resignation of former Mayor John “JP” Pomierski.

On March 2 Pomierski was named in an 11-count indictment accusing him of conspiracy, extortion and bribery offenses in a scheme that led the owners of two businesses to pay $45,000 in bribes.

Musser is now scheduled to update residents and business owners on the city’s condition at 11:30 a.m. at the George M. Gibson Senior Center, but many residents may miss out.

The city’s Chamber of Commerce is no longer taking reservations for the event. Those
who did reserve a spot had to pay $25 if an Upland resident or Chamber member. Prospective Chamber members had to pay $35.

“I don’t know what to say, it’s about the best we know how to do,” Musser said. “We need to cover the expenses and we have catering. It’s not the city’s kitchen, so we need to take care of expenses and hopefully we’ll have a break-even situation.”

The event will not be televised, but Musser said he hopes copies of his address can be made available to residents.

“I would like next year for it to be videotaped and put on the computer,” he said.

Musser intends to address some of the recent changes in city government, including the council decision on Jan. 4 to place City Manager Robb Quincey on paid leave of absence and the former mayor’s indictment.

“I will talk a little bit about the uncertainty and the mistrust of our leadership, but we do have a great staff and 99percent of them are loyal and dedicated – the unsung heroes of the community,” Musser said. “They don’t get the headlines. They’re not in the paper all the time, but they’re the ones doing the work.”

The city’s police chief, Steven Adams, is also absent, being on medical leave since December.

Musser’s appointment to the mayoral seat left a vacancy on the council, which will be filled through a mail-only special election on Aug. 30.

Musser will present a flow chart showing residents who is currently in charge of what city departments.

“We have an interim city manager, interim library director and we have an interim police chief and we have a vacant council seat at this point, so that’s what will be on the organizational chart,” he said.

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