By Paul Chabot
Created: 03/10/2011 05:53:35 PM PST

The audacity of an admitted illegal drug seller to threaten a recall against Upland’s council members who don’t support drug legalization is beyond absurd. On March 7 I read such a story in the Daily Bulletin, titled, “Papers filed to oust Willis” – the headline should have read “Drug legalizer wants to oust anti-drug legalization council member.” The only “filing papers” involved in this story are those used to roll the so-called “pot-medicine” being smoked by pot heads who have nothing better to do with their lives.

Councilman Willis and the entire city of Upland have done the absolute right thing, a 5-0 vote to ban pot stores; and they are not alone.

Not a single city in San Bernardino County allows for pot stores. In fact, over 200 cities in California have banned them – and over 14 counties.

Why? For good reasons, just to include a few: 1) It’s a violation of federal law (duh!); 2) pot is not medicine – in fact, science has clearly shown us that it can lead to testicular cancer, depression, anxiety, and psychosis and much, much more; 3) violence associated with marijuana shops is a statistical fact, including murders and violent assaults – as seen in Los Angeles; 4) Pot use sends the wrong message to kids – in fact, today, more kids enter drug rehab for pot than for all other drugs combined; 5) By an 8-1 ratio, more people are now driving “high” on our highways than from alcohol alone; 6) California just listed pot under Proposition 65 – which means it “can cause cancer”; 7) The failures in cities that allowed pot stores have been clearly documented, where, for example, Los Angeles has over 1,000 on its streets – more than Starbucks, McDonalds and 7-Elevens, combined; 8) Gang members often manage the door at these locations like “bar bouncers”; 8) With a small investment, a pot store owner can make over $1million a year – so much for the sick they are supposed to help; 9) which brings me to this point: Look at the clientele going to pot stores – young kids on skate boards and throw-backs wearing tie-dyes. A San Diego district attorney study showed most obtaining pot are perfectly healthy “kids” under the age of 18; 10) California voters just defeated Proposition 19 (marijuana legalization) – voters have gotten smart to the fraud-medical pot concept destroying our state; 11) Localities lose money when drug stores arrive – according to Columbia University, for every dollar collected off a “pot-tax,” the taxpayers end up paying $8.50 to clean up the societal health care costs; 12) The California Sherman Food Drug Law Act, if enforced by the state, automatically makes these stores illegal under “state law” as well; 13) Any business that rents to a pot dealer can lose its business property to the federal government; 14) It’s a violation of the federal law for an elected official to knowingly violate the law – hence, no elected official in their right mind (unless you are from Los Angeles or San Francisco) would allow pot stores to exist. 15) One word – “Really?”

Yes, really! The drug legalization crowd in the I.E. is desperate – so desperate to make money they now threaten elected officials? Why, because they see the millions of dollars they are losing in selling pot to our kids – these marijuana joints go by a lot of ridiculous names, including: “Purple Haze,” “Train Wreck,” ” Ain’t Nuttin, “SanDookey” and “A-bomb.” Do any of these names sound remotely like legitimate medicine? Of course not.

Further, why is it that those who use so-called “medical pot” also proudly wear T-shirts and hats with marijuana leaves? Is that even remotely normal? If one takes Viagra, does he go around wearing a shirt with a purple pill? I hope not!

Note to the drug legalizers: Game up and game over. You fooled us in 1996 with Proposition 215 which brought us today’s true “train wreck” – pot stores. You told us that only terminally ill people would be able to get pot.

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