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March 9, 2011

The Little Hoover Commission and the Bureau of State Audits this afternoon released their “Top 10” lists of ways to reduce waste and inefficiencies in government, encouraging Gov. Jerry Brown, among other things, to review state leases, to eliminate the state personnel Board and pursue reducing the two-thirds vote threshold for raising taxes.

Brown had asked the Little Hoover Commission and the Bureau of State Audits to list 10 measures each to reduce government waste and inefficiencies.

In a letter today, state Auditor Elaine Howle recommended reviewing job classifications to determine if some employees classified as public safety workers are in jobs that do not warrant enhanced benefits. She also recommended reviewing the employment of previously retired state employees, so-called retired annuitants, to determine if they are paid too much, eliminating optional drug classifications in Medi-Cal and releasing permanently medically incapacitated inmates.

Howle recommended placing a Constitutional amendment on the ballot to lower the vote threshold for a tax increase to a majority vote or some lesser form of super-majority, such as 55 percent. (Unions tried to reduce the tax increase threshold to 55 percent with Proposition 56 in 2004. The measure was soundly defeated.)

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