Staff Report
Created: 03/09/2011 05:45:35 PM PST

Claremont and San Dimas headed to the polls on Tuesday to cast votes on local races.

Claremont voters elected incumbent Sam Pedroza as well as Opanyi K. Nasiali and Joseph M. Lyons to fill three City Council seats.

In San Dimas, two council seats and the mayor’s office were contested. Mayor Curtis W. Morris and councilmen Emmett G. Badar and John Ebiner coasted to easy victories.

Here are biographies of the winners.

San Dimas

Emmett Badar

San Dimas resident for 26 years

Age: 61

Occupation: Retired Los Angeles police detective.

Education: Associate’s degree from Los Angeles Harbor Junior College

Political history: San Dimas councilman since 2007.

Family: Married and has three children.

Why he ran: “During my first four years on the council, I have been able to reach out to the citizens of San Dimas by listening, participating and building relationships based on visions and ideas for a safe and economically sustainable community. I want to strengthen current programs to assist the great citizen volunteer force San Dimas is fortunate to have. Partner with the school district to educate our children about the importance of being involved in their community, and address the many challenging issues that face cities today. I am very dedicated to serving the people of San Dimas.”

John Ebiner

San Dimas resident for 25 years

Age: 58

Occupation: Senior information technology applications analyst

Education: Bachelor of arts degree in history from Cal Poly Pomona in 1975.

Political history: San Dimas councilman since 1990.

Family: Married and has four children.

Why he ran: “I enjoy serving the people of San Dimas. It’s a true honor and privilege. My overall goal is that San Dimas is the kind of place you want to come home to. This means that quality of life, what the city looks like, how we treat each other, the pride you feel in your city, opportunities for involvement, for change, and for preservation – all these are important. San Dimas is safe, attractive and fiscally sound, and we have programs and activities for everyone to enjoy … I will help make San Dimas even better in the next four years.”

Curtis W. Morris

San Dimas resident for 67 years

Age: 74

Occupation: Attorney

Education: Bachelor of arts degree in history from Stanford University and juris doctor degree from Loyola University Law School in Los Angeles.

Political history: Elected to San Dimas council in 1980 and has been mayor since 1996.

Family: Married and has three children.

Why he ran: “I am running for re-election as mayor of the city of San Dimas because I believe I can continue to serve the residents of the city effectively in what could be very difficult times. The San Dimas City Council provides policy direction and oversight to a city staff of dedicated and qualified managers and employees. Working together, we have maintained a fiscally prudent city that continues to provide high-quality services to our residents. I believe, I contribute to the success of the city government, and I would like to continue doing so.”


Joseph M. Lyons

Claremont resident for nine years

Age: 65

Occupation: Consultant and educator

Education: Bachelor and master of science degrees in microbiology from San Diego State University. Received a doctorate in philosophy from Vrije Universiteit Medical School in the Netherlands.

Political history: Ran for state Senate in 2008.

Family: In a committed relationship. Has four adult children from a previous marriage.

Why he ran: “As a Claremont resident, I take pride in the Claremont Sustainability City Plan and its commitment to preserving the quality of life of its residents. My reason for seeking election is to be a voice on the City Council that is dedicated to realizing this vision in a manner that will safeguard our city’s public safety, family values, ensure fiscal responsibility and manage growth. These are challenging times. Claremont has historically responded to similar challenges in ways that have preserved and strengthened our city’s unique heritage, and I am well prepared and deeply committed to do the same.”

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