By PE Politics
on March 1, 2011 9:17 AM

Any day now, state Sen. Bill Emmerson will get a stake through his head, figuratively speaking.

Assemblyman Paul Cook is already there. For several days, the Yucca Valley Republican’s mug shot has had a stick through it on the web site of KFI AM’s “John and Ken Show.” Cook also is portrayed underneath a bus driven by the show’s hosts.

Cook and Emmerson’s perceived wrongdoing? They were among several Republican lawmakers who did not sign on with the “Taxpayers Caucus.” The new group promises to oppose any measures that would extend higher taxes on a future ballot.

Cook had previously signed a no-tax pledge and felt no need to join another caucus. Late last week, though, he added a new statement to his website, declaring “I won’t vote to raise taxes, and I won’t vote to place tax hikes on the ballot.”

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