Ryan Hagen, Staff Writer
Posted: 01/26/2011 05:54:10 PM PST

LOMA LINDA – San Bernardino’s increase to treat wastewater will be coming out of the pocketbooks of residents here too.

“Some things flow downhill,” Mayor Rhodes Rigsby said. “In this case, our sewer water literally flows downhill to San Bernardino and they process it (for us), so their rate increases flow downhill to us.”

So the Loma Linda City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to increase monthly fees by $1 for residences beginning beginning Feb. 1 and an additional $1.50 in 2012, bringing the bill to $18.50 a month.

Commercial charges vary based on the type of business and how much sewage they produce, but the changes amount to about a 12.5 percent hike, according to city staff.

The San Bernardino City Council voted 4-3 this month to increase rates by the same amount, saying the rate increase was needed to help fund roughly $21 million in improvements brought on by an aging wastewater treatment plant and unfunded regulatory mandates from the state government.

That left Loma Linda three options, Rigsby said.

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