Saturday, January 1, 2011 – 06:00 a.m.

Happy New Year 2011!

And in with the New Year comes county redistricting.

Meaning the district boundaries for the five county supervisors must be reset in order to re-balance by population.

The first and second supervisorial districts represented by County Supervisors Brad Mitselfelt and Janice Rutherford have experienced the most population gain and will thus have to shed more territory to Second District Supervisor Gary Ovitt, Third District Supervisor Neil Derry and lastly Fifth District Supervisor Josie Gonzales.

The big monkey wrench which stands out is the fact that three supervisors reside in relatively close proximity to one another in a county as size-able a San Bernardino.

Both Gonzales and Rutherford reside in Fontana and Mitzelfelt in Wrightwood, located just north of Fontana.

Supervisors Ovitt and Derry reside well within their current district boundaries and will continue to do so since they must gain population and area after redistricting.

Rutherford must cede territory to Ovitt and Gonzales, while Mitzelfelt is hampered with a more problematic task of giving geography to Gonzales and Derry to the tune of approximately 60,000 residents.

Derry will undoubtedly gain the remaining mountain communities he doesn’t already have from Rutherford and the rest of low desert region from Mitzelfelt.

The balance becomes more interesting.

Not a simple problem to resolve with Mitzelfelt’s current residence location.

Redistricting to avoid potential opponents simply isn’t in the cards at this point.

This will be interesting process to watch unfold.