G.T. hopefuls hold event to denounce ‘racial divisiveness’
Ryan Hagen, Staff Writer
Posted: 10/24/2010 05:52:13 AM PDT

GRAND TERRACE – Hot dogs – without sauerkraut – were the main course at an event prompted by fliers that the hosts said were racist for pointing out mayoral candidate Walt Stanckiewitz was born in Germany. The event, held Friday at Stanckiewitz’s La Pasta Italia restaurant, was billed as a way to denounce “racial divisiveness.”

It became a show of support for the three candidates targeted by the anonymous fliers – Stanckiewitz and City Council candidates Bernardo Sandoval and Sylvia Robles – as well as Colton Joint Unified school board candidate Pilar Tabera. Another candidate for mayor, Doug Wilson, attended the event for about 15 minutes to show his opposition to the attack fliers, which were spread before dawn on Oct. 17.

“My intention was not to draw attention to myself and away from the barbecue,” he said. “It was a political event that appeared to be solely attended by Stanckiewitz supporters.”

Stanckiewitz said the attendance disproved claims that he was alienating the community by bringing attention to unpleasant issues.

“It shows the community that we’re not alone, that the message we’ve been sending, people have heard,” he said.

Sandoval and Robles also thanked the group for its support and said they were focusing on important questions.

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