Sunday, October 24, 2010 – 10:50 a.m.

Talk about an independent expenditure with a life of its own.

A series of negative mail pieces sent by the San Francisco-based “Citizens Against Corruption Opposing Rutherford for Supervisor 2010” took on a life of their own over the past ten days or so.

That extra life courtesy of The Sun and Inland Valley Daily Bulletin newspapers.

Both papers, instead of letting the mailers and their respective content, fade away into the political campaign void, they ostensibly kept the attack pieces on board of supervisors candidate Janice Rutherford alive for more than a week.

Rutherford is trying to unseat two-term incumbent Paul Biane.

The latest story was published this morning.

The newspapers are part of the Los Angeles News Group, which means they are basically the same operation, apparently don’t know or haven’t figured out a cardinal rule in politics.

The rule being, negative campaigning works.

Voters may say they are turned-off by negative campaigning. But they still like to read it and it does make an impression.

Not only has the aforementioned newspapers penned three stories covering the mailers, they have actually published what the mailers say, and placed photos of them on the front page more than once.

Maybe the independent expenditure committee should cut a check to the newspapers.

Newspapers in general, whether conservative or liberal, pick sides in campaigns. They enjoy it.

And the writing, polling and editorializing by the papers is usually slanted towards their position or candidate. It’s just the way it is.

The Sun/Daily Bulletin is no different.

It should be noted that the Press Enterprise, who has also endorsed Rutherford, hasn’t touched the issue.