Sunday, September 26, 2010 – 6:00 p.m.

Will San Bernardino County’s lead attorney retire as scheduled?

Sources say County Counsel Ruth Stringer, who is expected to announce her retirement this week, is actively trying to delay her forced departure.

However, the question inquiring minds want to know is who is Stringer trying to stay around and screw over?

Stringer, one of the culprits responsible for feeding the investigation into San Bernardino County government and her bosses the Board of Supervisors, is said to be lobbying a certain county supervisor to allow her to hang around and cost county taxpayers more money from her incompetent decision-making.

Stringer, who has strong ties with District Attorney Mike Ramos and Assistant District District Attorney Jim Hackleman, was caught breaching attorney-client privilege last year on various closed session matters and has been on the hot seat ever since.

It is Stringer and fired county adminsitrative officer Mark Uffer, who are alleged to have employed the tactic of covertly attacking their superiors through misdirection, in order to keep the relationships between the five county supervisors fragmented.

Sources also say Stringer’s personal interference in recent investigations involving Ramos and others has played into her departure. Stringer is believed to have also played a role in the formation of Ramos’ manifesto. A rambling white paper on county reforms designed for sole purpose of taking power from the elected board of supervisors.

Ramos placed the bizarre document on his county website on August 27th. However it has since been removed.