Ramos with Attorney General Jerry Brown


Posted by Administrator – September 26, 2010 at 10:48 AM

Today’s article by Joe Nelson of the Sun is almost amusing to those of us who have been close to San Bernardino County’s “biggest corruption scandal in the county’s history.” Joe has finally figured out what we have been telling him for a year or so now. Yes, D-Day is nearing and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

The local media has not missed a beat in the years-long corruption scandal. There has been nary a day without a headline or two referencing some aspect of the ongoing investigation, arrests, and prosecution.

But the reporting has been a bit skewed. Well, actually, some reporters have seemed incapable of critical thinking or even basic investigative reporting. Almost all have taken a “if Mike Ramos said it, it must be true” approach to these stories.

We’ve been warning them for a while that when the time comes, we are going the skewer them alive for their unbalanced and unethical reporting. They have known right along exactly what they were doing—trying to sell newspapers rather than seeking out the truth.

The truth in these cases is not nearly as sexy as the dramatic headlines. Sorry folks but there are no prostitutes, no bribes, and no extortion except in the warped mind of a sex-addicted, out-of-control prosecutor and the young, scared confidential informant who has been more interested in saving his own skin than in telling the truth.

It is that confidential informant who is the center of all of this. Even Joe Nelson was overheard during Rex’s trial saying that Adam Aleman was not believable. And the Attorney General’s office thinks that they are going to somehow magically rehabilitate their key witness?

We know that although Rex Gutierrez’s attorney, Jim Reiss, chose not to do much to impeach Aleman at the first trial, “90 percent” of the jurors thought Aleman was lying. So what happens at this trial if Reiss chooses to use the resources provided to him and Aleman is on the stand for days, not hours? We must not forget about the long list of witnesses prepared to testify, if necessary, to contradict almost anything Aleman might say.

But the best part has not even come to light yet. If deputy attorney general Melissa Mandel was upset at the last demurrer filed in the Erwin/Postmus case, just wait until she sees what the defense has planned for her next. I wonder what the record is for the biggest number of amended complaints. Isn’t there a point where they become embarrassed because they look so incompetent or so vindictive?

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