Joe Nelson, Staff Writer
Posted: 09/07/2010 04:28:16 PM PDT

Former County Administrative Officer Mark Uffer’s job as chief executive officer of the Colorado River Medical Center in Needles hinges on whether the hospital’s board of directors approves a new contract Uffer is proposing.

Uffer announced last week he had been offered the job by hospital board member Linda Kidd, subject to him entering into a written contract with the hospital. He spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of last week touring the hospital and getting to know its staff and the issues in most immediate need of fixing there.

On Thursday, Uffer said he delivered a presentation to the board on the hospital’s fiscal state, along with a proposed contract detailing the terms of his employment.

The board couldn’t reach a majority vote on Uffer’s proposed employment contract and voted 3-3, with one board member absent. The main concern centered on Uffer being locked into a long-term contract when the hospital is up for sale, Uffer said.

So, Uffer spent the weekend on the telephone discussing a proposed revised contract with hospital board members and John Pinkney, the hospital’s general counsel. He is now proposing a month-to-month contract with the hospital, giving it the option of terminating his contract with 24-hour notice. If the hospital does to choose to let him go before his contract is up, Uffer would not be entitled to any severance pay.

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