Saturday, August 21, 2010 – 12:20 pm

The Insider is hearing whispers are starting to bubble-up out of the Redlands “old-guard” circuit, which say San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos is going after the Board of Supervisors again.

This time the buzz has the targets as being “the board of supervisors” or “Supervisor Paul Biane”.

Ramos would like to deal a blow to Biane’s reelection chances and what better way than by dropping the hammer on him in the next four to six weeks.

As we have said before, many of the supervisors are scared to death of Ramos. They privately admit as much.

Those same county supervisors also dislike Ramos immensely.

It’s been previously discussed on the blog that Attorney General Jerry Brown has been pressing Ramos to produce the goods on the corruption probe.

Brown doesn’t really care about the underlying evidence. He just wants another press conference before the November election. Brown will either be unemployed or Governor, not Attorney General.

He’ll leave his mess for someone else.

County sources are also saying the long-awaited release of attorney-client privileged records and interviews produced nothing of any significance and the impending release of mediation materials hurt the investigation.

So The Insider immediately started exploring what, if any, actions county supes might be looking at that may affect Ramos or his office.

The one single issue before the supervisors in the next month will be the Sunshine Ordinance. County Counsel Ruth Stringer has been running interference to hinder a final version from moving to the board for consideration. But now it looks like the latest delay will be the last.

The ordinance, if approved next month by a board majority, would open up certain records to public scrutiny. One of those records would be Ramos’ county credit card statements and receipts.