Mike Ramos and Jerry Brown


August 9, 2010 – 10:30 pm

Everyone has to admit.

The February 10, 2010 fanfare press conference held by California Attorney General Jerry Brown and San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos had all the bells and whistles for a main stream media press conference designed to unveil a major conspiracy case during a reelection campaign cycle for both men.

Recently, Brown has shown no shyness to embellishing situations for political advantage.

Now it seems things are changing.

Forget embellishing. Now it’s win at all cost.

San Bernardino County insiders are now reporting that Brown is pressuring Ramos to produce the goods on what Brown publicly described back in February as the worst case of corruption in California history.

Ramos roped Brown into his so-called major conspiracy investigation, and now he’s tied to it like a ball and chain.

Yes, Brown has now quietly made it known he wants Ramos’ investigators to produce evidence to charge five so-called “John Does” in what is commonly know as the Colonies conspiracy case.

Now the same investigators that started this whole fiasco are under the gun. The pressure is being described as intense.

Brown and Ramos leveled charges against former Assessor and county supervisor Bill Postmus and Assistant Assessor Jim Erwin last February 10th in a full court press, in what many believe was a politically-driven escapade, for the sole purpose of helping both win their respective elections. In the same press conference, Brown and Ramos hammered away at people who insiders say Brown insisted be labeled as “John Does 1-5”.

Trouble recently emerged with a key witness, who is at the center of the case. Witness credibility being the key factor. A major problem here.

One of the John Does, Jeff Burum was slated to be Republican Meg Whitman’s state fundraising chair. Obviously Brown’s actions nixed that scenario.

Ramos narrowly won reelection in June, and Brown now faces Whitman in a showdown for Governor in November.

Coincidence? You be the judge.

Now Brown, who has limited resources compared to his opponent, wants the ammo to make a mid-September media splash in his campaign.

How you ask? Charge the five “John Does”.

It’s becoming increasingly apparent based on developments in Bell, California that Brown is using his elected office of Attorney General to pander to voters.

Now he appears willing to resort to any means necessary, even if individual rights get trampled on.

Highly-placed confidential sources within the District Attorney’s office report that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and United States Attorney are actively reviewing several matters in San Bernardino County, including Ramos. They are reportedly back-tracking on investigations involving Ramos’ Public Integrity Unit in an effort to ferret out fiction from reality.

It’s time to look at everything.