Posted By: Marisa Lagos | July 30 2010 at 04:17 PM

We’ve been waiting for this.

Less than a month after a Field Poll showed San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris and Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley in a virtual dead heat in the Attorney General’s race — a poll cheered by Harris’ side — the Cooley campaign is touting a different poll with a markedly different result.

The survey, conducted by Hill Research Consultants for the California Republican Party, shows Cooley, a Republican, leading Harris, a Democrat, 41 percent to 34 percent. It has other good news for the GOP nominee: his lead is even larger (15 points) in the Democratic stronghold (and HUGE market) of Los Angeles. The poll also found Cooley leading “every other media market except San Francisco,” according to his campaign.

The poll was conducted between July 10 and 12 based on interviews with 602 likely voters. It asked:

If the election for Attorney General were held today and the candidates were Kamala Harris, Democrat and San Francisco District Attorney, OR Steve Cooley, the Republican and District Attorney, who would you vote for?

“It may shape up to be a Northern California-Southern California race,” Pollster David Hill said. “Harris faces a lot of challenges in getting her campaign going — being on the wrong end of the state, not having name ID and maybe there’s a stereotype (that women) are not ready to be attorney general.”

Cooley’s side said the numbers are promising this early, as Democrats have a 14 point registration advantage in California. Harris’ people were dismissive:

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