Democratic gubernatorial candidate and attorney general Jerry Brown evaporated from the air waves yesterday after Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley arrived on the scene to set the record straight regarding his office’s investigation into the City of Bell salary and pension scandal.

Brown has went quiet on the Bell episode in the the media circuit since Cooley gave interviews to newspaper and radio stations starting Monday.

In an interview yesterday on the Tim Conway Jr. Show, aired on Los Angeles-based radio station KFI-AM 640, Cooley told Conway his office had already interviewed Bell officials back in March of this year. Cooley also said his office had primary jurisdiction on the criminal investigation and had not requested help from Brown’s office, but that both agencies were in communication.

Cooley said the Attorney General appeared to be pursuing a “civil” investigation path.

Over the past week, Brown, in an effort to counter opponent Meg Whitman’s media barrage, has been burning a public trail of “righteous indignation” over the Bell matter.