Brian Charles, Staff Writer
Posted: 07/16/2010 09:02:50 PM PDT

State election officials Friday certified self-described Minuteman and Tea Party movement member Tim Donnelly as the winner of the Republican primary in the 59th Assembly District.

Donnelly, who lives in Twin Oaks, narrowly defeated veteran politician Chris Lancaster, a former councilman and mayor of Covina.

Just a few years ago, as head of California’s Minuteman border security movement, Donnelly poured all his energy into keeping people out. Now he’s the outsider, attempting to step into the political arena and take a seat in the state Legislature.

He’s getting help from Lancaster, Donnelly said Friday.

“We didn’t have any relationship to people in the party,” Donnelly said. “Chris (Lancaster) is introducing us to people in the party. We’re uniting the party behind the campaign.”

What had been a campaign run by a small group of nearly a dozen volunteers now boasts more than 12 cells of volunteer groups that will canvas, call and support his campaign, Donnelly said.

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