A county union has moved to recover legal costs from San Bernardino County after the judge hearing a lawsuit filed by the county encouraged them to do so.

A lawsuit filed against the San Bernardino County Public Attorney’s Association by the County, at the recommendation of County Counsel Ruth Stringer and Public Defender Doreen Boxer, was dismissed a few months ago.

At that time the judge in the case, Christopher Warner, expressed his displeasure at the county for bringing such a ridiculous action.

Warner encouraged the union to seek recovery of its cost to defend the matter. The union has now taken the judge up on his suggestion to the tune of about $80,000.

Yes, $80,000. But who cares it’s taxpayer money after all. Isn’t it? This is the commonplace attitude with the county, especially Stringer, who never has a problem pissing taxpayer money down the toilet on frivolous half-baked legal theory.

If memory serves me correctly in the instant case, the county was attempting to dictate to the union, who it could use to represent its members in grievances and disciplinary actions.

The county was telling the union it can’t use its Deputy District Attorney members as union representatives in assisting its Deputy Public Defender members.

Can you say hysterical?

With county supervisors in a permanent part-time mode and routinely in hiding, expect the lack of accountability within the organization to continue.

There is legal filings on the case in a story at iepolitics.com.

I encourage you to take a look.