Joe Garofoli
Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Among the many nuggets in Wednesday’s just-emancipated Field Poll on the CA guv race is this one: In California households where a union member lives, Jerry Brown leads Meg Whitman by 47 percent to 41 percent.

OK, so a lead’s a lead — and Jerry’s got waaaaay bigger problems in this poll, as our story notes. But when you think about all the union-backed independent expenditures that have been pounding Meg-a-millions — not the least of which is the California Nurses Association — you’d think that would be more of a yawning gap, no?

“Not necessarily,” Henry Brady, dean of UC-Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy, told us. “The rank-and-file union membership is not as liberal as its leadership.”

That said, Dean Brady expected the union braintrust and Team Brown will soon convene — where legally permissible — and try to figure out how to reach out better to Latino voters, where Whitman made some inroads since the last Field pulse-taking.

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