Tuesday, July 6, 2010 – 09:30 pm

Wait just a minute!

One thing is for certain. The David Lewis calamity has disappeared way too conveniently.

Questions need to be asked. Official questions. The kind of questions asked by the U.S. Department of Justice. They are already here, and if they aren’t already engaged on this, they should be. It’s clear no agency in this county can be trusted.

This post isn’t meant to disparage David in any way, but instead bring valid questions forward.

I wasn’t close to David at all. Our contact was mainly through political circles. The last time I saw him was earlier this year when we met for coffee. The meeting was pleasant and productive.

He wanted to help me. He seemed very sincere and upbeat at the time.

Last January David wanted me to attend a Laker game with him. He was practically begging at times. I couldn’t understand why. I kept putting him off due to reasons discussed later in this article.

What has been circulating over the past year prior to his demise raises serious questions as to just what was taking place behind the scenes.

Clearly David was under pressure and was exhibiting a high level of stress.

By his own admission to close friends, he had given interviews to the Federal Bureau of Investigation last summer. The inquiry though, appeared to have fallen away in short order.

However, since then, David always appeared to be fishing for information from others related to various matters under investigation by the San Bernardino County District Attorney. At times seeming desperate.

In the couple weeks leading up to his death, David was even making contact with Rex Gutierrez and Bill Postmus.

You have to admit, that’s kind of odd.

Rumors had been circulating that recordings of his conversations were being made. This revelation tempered David’s relationship with many of his friends. It wasn’t about friends having things to hide. Intead it was more about the fact that just hanging out with the possibility of being recorded would kind of dull the moment for anyone.

The best word to describe it is “reluctance” to associate.

It’s sad.

Information exists that indeed investigators were out pressuring individuals to make statements and wear wire’s for them. There was no regard for whether or not the statements were the truth.

More like a means to an end.

The burning question here needing to be asked is, was David Lewis being pressured by law enforcement in a manner that would have contributed to what happened to him?

Also, was there an issue with the Upland investigation?

Was there an issue with his own business?

If so, then there has already been a whole lot of sole searching, ass covering, and getting the stories straight.

Was any of this worth the loss of a life?

I guarantee you there is more to this story than meets the eye.