Meg Whitman

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June 30, 2010

Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman is sending a second batch of mailers to thousands of the state’s licensed nurses slamming the California Nurses Association, a union representing 86,000 nurses, for wastefully spending its members’ dues. Click here to see the flier.

The mailer asks, “Is this how nurses’ hard-earned money should be spent by their union bosses?” under a picture of a bus the union paid $50,000 to decorate and send to Whitman campaign events. It also criticizes the salary paid to the union’s Executive Director Rose Anne DeMoro and her husband and the trips and other expenses paid for by the union.

Whitman, the former CEO of online auction firm eBay, and the nurses have been battling each other for months now, with the rhetoric heating up in recent weeks. The Whitman campaign sent out a first batch of fliers to nurses last week, while the union invited the candidate to a public forum to be held in Atherton, the Bay Area city where she lives. Whitman turned down the invitation, calling it a “rigged” event.

Whitman spokesman Tucker Bounds said in an e-mail statement Wednesday, “One radical nurses union, representing fewer than 1 out of every 4 California nurses, doesn’t speak for the entire profession. And we’re confident that with additional information about Meg, these radical union bosses will be marginalized and nurses will be more likely to speak out for themselves in support of her.”

As of last month, there were 357,202 registered nurses in the state, accord to the state Board of Registered Nurses.

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