Written by Administrator
June 29th, 2010 at 7:56 pm

Here is the order:  Councilperson Cortes v. Moore Note:  There are two separate files when you open the document.  The first is the application and the second is the order.

A couple of things are noteworthy.  First, the order is for 100 yards and includes city hall, city functions, etc.  The defendant is a resident of  Grand Terrace and this order basically denies her right to participate in city government or even pay her trash bill in person.  If this order is made permanent, she would not be allowed to attend a 4th of July event if the city is sponsoring one, or a Christmas pageant, or a parade.

If you read the application, Cortes actually wanted the defendant restrained from using foul language or discussing politics.

Second, Bea, who claims she has no income, has an attorney representing her.  Wonder what assets she is using to pay this attorney?   Also, the Sheriff’s Department was used to serve the defendant with notice of the original hearing, which is normally done by a phone call (only a four-hour notice is usually needed), and it would appear it was done in forma pauperis despite the fact that it is unlikely the judge would have granted the fee waiver at the time of filing but rather at the hearing the following day.  I suspect that Bea used the Sheriff’s Department as a means of further harassing the defendant.

The irony of this is that it is the defendant who is afraid.  She has said she will not appear tomorrow although there are some residents of Grand Terrace who are encouraging her to do so.  We are hoping someone will step up to the plate and go to court with her tomorrow so that Bea cannot abuse her further.

The defendant is a 65-year-old woman who is being harassed by a city councilwoman who claims she is sleeping with the District Attorney and can therefore get whatever court orders she wants to get.  It looks to be true.