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June 20th, 2010 at 4:26 pm

This past week San Bernardino County Deputy District Attorney John Goritz and state of California Deputy Attorney General Melissa Mandel unveiled their “conspiracy theory” in the trial of former Assessor’s Office employee Rex Gutierrez. In addition to having worked for the county, Gutierrez also is an elected member of the city of Rancho Cucamonga City Council. Gutierrez is accused of conducting city of Rancho Cucamonga business on county time.

For argument’s sake, let’s say that Gutierrez was not a salaried employee, but an hourly employee. So this question was raised: Is it illegal to do work for one government agency on the time clock of another if there is no personal gain? There are a considerable number of current and past elected officials in this county who hold/held other government jobs while serving in their elected positions:

1. Rick Roelle – SB County Sheriff’s Department/Apple Valley Town Council
2. Acquanetta Warren – City of Upland/Fontana City Council
3. Chas Kelly – SB County Board of Supervisors/San Bernardino City Council
4. Jim Miller – SB County Real Estate Services/Grand Terrace City Council
5. Mark Nuami – City of Colton/Mayor of Fontana
6. Anthony Riley – SB County Board of Supervisors/Hesperia Unified School Board
7. Mark Shoup – SB County Public Defender’s Office/Apple Valley Town Council
8. Marge Mendoza-Ware – SB County WDD/Colton Joint Unified School Board
9. Karen Morgan – SB County Sheriff’s Department/Victor Elementary School District Board
10. Bob Hunter – SB County Assessor’s Office/Victorville City Council
11. Jason Anderson – SB County District Attorney/Ontario City Council
12. Debbie Dorst-Porada – LA County Public Health/Ontario City Council
13. Robert Armeta – State of California/Colton Joint Unified School Board
14. Jim Lindley – SB County Board of Supervisors/Hesperia City Council
15. Chad Mayes – SB County Board of Supervisors/Yucca Valley City Council
16. Paul Bosaki – United States Postal Service/Hesperia City Council
17. Joel Klink – United States Postal Service/Twenty-Nine Palms City Council
18. Steve Spear – SB County Sheriff’s Department/Twenty-Nine Palms City Council
19. Frank Luckino – HiDesert Water District/Yucca Valley City Council
20. Erin Kirk – Victor Valley College/CalState/San Bernardino County Fair Board
21. Peter Allen – Victor Valley College/Apple Valley City Council
22. Michael O’Rourke – SB County Sheriff’s Department/San Bernardino County Fair Board
23. Sue Ovitt – State of California/Chaffey Joint Union School Board
24. Art Bustamonte – SB County Public Defender’s Office/Chaffey Joint Union School Board
25. J. John Dutrey – City of Rialto/Montclair City Council
26. Leonard Paulitz – CalPoly/Montclair City Council

I’m sure I’m missing quite a few.

I can’t speak to any of the others, but I know for fact that Rick Roelle has been on the clock for the Sheriff’s Department while conducting city business because he called me regarding an issue I had with the Town of Apple Valley. I had tried and tried to get the city manager to contact me regarding an animal control officer and the city manager would not return my call. So I contacted Rick and he called me from his Internal Affairs phone at my county phone (which is why I know where he was calling from because for phones outside of the county system, his number would have been blocked.)

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