You can usually tell a newspaper and their agenda when you contrast and compare stories by two reporters for two different newspapers, who are sitting in the same room.

This is part two in a series covering the disparity in reporting by The Sun / Inland Valley Daily Bulletin Newspaper. The papers are a part of the Los Angeles News Group, which is a subsidiary of MediaNews Group.

The subject? The corruption trial of former Assessor employee and Rancho Cucamonga City Councilman Rex Gutierrez.

The reporters for the subject articles which are the focus of this story? Joe Nelson for The Sun / Inland Valley Daily Bulletin and Imran Ghori for the Press Enterprise.

The story titles? In The Sun / Inland Valley Daily Bulletin newspapers it was “Councilman’s pay records under scrutiny” and in the Press Enterprise it is “Developers influence questioned”.

Ghori as with his peer Richard De Atley, who wrote the previous story, attempted to at least present a somewhat balanced story. Nelson, once again, must have been somewhere else other than the courtroom.

Nelson starts his story like this:

“Rancho Cucamonga City Councilman Rex Gutierrez was paid thousands of dollars for work never performed between May and October 2007 at the San Bernardino County Assessor’s Office, according to court testimony Thursday.”

Ghori begans his story as follows:

“Rancho Cucamonga Councilman Rex Gutierrez’s role in city decisions involving an influential developer were the subject of debate Thursday, the third day of testimony in the San Bernardino County corruption trial.”

Do you hear the Nelson tone of conviction, when compared to Ghori’s objective introduction? If up to Nelson, Gutierrez might as well go check in at Chino Institute for Men and get it over with.

For a reporter who has been repeatedly challenged for his accuracy and distorted portrayal of statements, you would think Nelson would improve.

Nelson, who for some reason is covering the trial instead of Mike Cruz , The Sun’s regular courts reporter, spent half of his article writing about how Gutierrez was doing tasks for Rancho Cucamonga while on county time, talked about Gutierrez’s salary increase, etc…..

Nelson doesn’t mention the fact key witness and confidential informant Adam Aleman testified Gutierrez had permission.

So Gutierrez while working for a governmental entity, performed work for another governmental entity, and didn’t profit from it. Interesting.

Golly, but there’s that infamous mileage claim.

Based on testimony Gutierrez wasn’t out having drinks or at the beach. He was working for government.

Nelson also writes, “Gutierrez championed Burum’s low income housing project, despite concerns the project may not be the best deal for the city. Rancho Cucamonga’s redevelopment director, Linda Daniels, had an independent review of the project conducted and it was determined the project could be done for about $13 million, prosecutor John Goritz said”

Nelson’s “phraseology” as in the using of the word “championed” has a lot to be desired given Gutierrez’s own colleagues testified they voted for the project and Gutierrez never tried to influence either of them.

Ghori says Rancho Cucmonga City Councilman Dennis Michael testified that Gutierrez was “enthusiastic” about the project. Where the hell does “championed come from?

Nelson doesn’t mention how Councilman Dennis Michael testified that “staff” worked to negotiate the low income housing project and supported it in its final version at $42.5 million.

Ghori does.

Ghori also states the project was approved on a 4-0 vote of the city council. Nelson does not.

Enough said.