In the Inland Empire there is always an interesting political dynamic afoot.

This one is a beauty.

Sources tell InlandPolitics that San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos, a Republican, has embarked on an effort to fulfill a commitment he made to Democratic candidate for Governor Edmund “Jerry” Brown.

The commitment? Form a group of local influential Inland Empire Republicans to support Brown in the November showdown with GOP nominee Meg Whitman. Something that would be interesting to say the least, but highly improbable.

Ramos was a life-long Democrat until he decided to seek public office in the 1990’s, but give me a break.

The big question is who in the East Valley area will Ramos secure to be the poster-child for this endeavor?

I can’t think of anyone in the area stupid enough to burn themselves in GOP circles, especially at the behest of Ramos.

But there’s always at least one sucker.

I always knew Ramos and Brown were joined at the hip, but this is ridiculous.

In the case of Brown joining with Ramos on his quest to rid San Bernardino County of evil, I guess the line “In for a penny, in for a pound.” controls Brown’s actions.

It’s no wonder the AG seems to be looking the other way.