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InlandPolitics: U.S. Attorney reactivates public corruption section

Word out of the U.S. Attorney’s office in Los Angeles is that the Public Corruption and Civil Rights section previously disbanded by Thomas O’Brien is being resurrected back to life.

The new section will be headed by Lawrence Middleton.

InlandPolitics: Lewis executives fined by FPPC again

Two executives for The Lewis Group of Companies were fined by the State’s political watchdog last week.

The June 10, 2010 agenda for the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) reveals that both Richard A. Lewis and David R. Lewis were each fined $400.00 for failing to timely file semi-annual campaign statements diclosing contributions totaling more than $24,000 combined.

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InlandPolitics: Jim Brulte true to form (Updated)

Since Senator Brulte has taken issue with the content of this post, it is being expanded further in an effort to bring the point across. You say you’re not a political consultant? Fine.

Analyst? Strategist? Mediator? Who cares?

You say I’m not a fan of yours. That’s true. I used to be until I caught you doing the same thing to me and others.

The edits to the original post are in bold print.


Taking it hard indeed.

As predicted, former State Senator and Political Consultant Jim Brulte didn’t take long to go into rapid fire mode on Republican Nominee for Governor Meg Whitman after she took his client/friend, Insurance Commissioner Stevie Poizner out behind the woodshed Tuesday night.

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Lastest updated figures released by the California Secretary of State this morning show Republican and Tea Party activist Tim Donnelly widening his lead over Republican Christopher Lancaster in securing the 59th Assembly District nomination.

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SBSun: FBI probe involves several Upland businesses

Wendy Leung and Sandra Emerson, Staff Writers
Posted: 06/11/2010 09:13:28 PM PDT

UPLAND – The FBI and IRS investigation that closed City Hall for an entire day Thursday is a far-reaching one that involves not only the mayor but a number of businesses and business owners in the region.

According to an FBI search warrant served to Mayor John Pomierski on Thursday to support the seizure of his cell phone, investigators were seeking records related to a number of businesses and people including Chronic Cantina, JH Builders, Upland Market Place and many others.

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