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InlandPolitics: AD 59: Republican Primary too close to call (**Update**)

Chris Lancaster and Tim Donnelly are neck and neck in the race for the Republican Primary for the 59th Assembly District.

Donnelly currently leads Lancaster by 40 votes.

Interestingly, Donnelly has issued a press statement proclaiming victory. Even though the trend was with Donnelly this morning the race remains too close to call.

This contest will be decided by provisional and late absentee ballots.

Two contests for seats on the San Bernardino County Superior Court bench have been settled.

Embattled Judge Robert Lemkau has been ousted by voters and replaced by Deputy District Attorney James Hosking and local Attorney Ed Montgomery was defeated by Deputy District Attorney Victor Stull.

Hosking commanded 65.64% of votes cast, Stull received 57.34% in his race.

InlandPolitics: Rialto voters say “no” to more taxes

Rialto voters sent a strong message to City Hall last night. The message was no more taxes.

Residents defeated Measure “RR” an advisory referendum asking voters if they would support new taxes to fund employee retirement and benefit costs. The vote puts the city’s budget under pressure in 2012.

This is likely to become a growing trend as voter anger continues to build and the economy weakens further.


State Senator George Runner secured the Republican nomination for the 2nd District seat on the State of California Board of Equalization (BOE) defeating Alan Nakanishi and Barbara Alby.

Alby, a former staffer to former Assemblyman and BOE member Bill Leonard was bank-rolled by the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, who contributed close to $200,000 to her campaign.

Alby placed third in a field of four.


The one interesting result from yesterday’s election creating a buzz is the ballot performance of San Bernardino County District Attorney Michael Ramos.

Ramos ran for reelection on a corruption fighting platform. He ran against two relatively unknown candidates who enjoyed little or no financial resources.

The result? Ramos woefully underperformed every other county-wide incumbent.

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All appointed and elected San Bernardino County incumbents running for county-wide offices successfully secured election or reelection last night.

Results as of 3:53 A.M. on 06/09/2010.
Office                   Candidate          Pct %      Votes-
Sheriff-Coroner          Rod Hoops**        66.72 %    88,021
                         Paul Schrader      21.61 %    28,507
                         Mark Averbeck      11.67 %    15,394
District Attorney        Michael Ramos**    53.72 %    72,387
                         Bob Conaway        27.31 %    36,792
                         Frank Guzman       18.97 %    25,558
Assessor-Recorder        Dennis Draeger**   73.25 %    95,129
                         Alfred Palazzo     26.75 %    34,737
Auditor-Controller       Larry Walker**     70.97 %    94,242
                         Ensen Mason        29.03 %    38,542
Sup.of County Schools    Gary Thomas**      60.27 %    78,828
                         Arturo Delgado     22.32 %    29,192
                         Rita Ramirez-Dean  17.42 %    22,782

John Benoit

Incumbent appointed county supervisor John Benoit has defeated well-funded challenge Gary Jeandron for the 4th District seat on the Riverside County Board of Supervisors.

With all precincts reporting Benoit captured 55.86% of the voted.

It was an interesting but not unexpected appearance at the election night party for county supervisor candidate Janice Rutherford.

Guess who showed up last night just after the second Election Day vote results were updated showing colleague and Second District Supervisor Paul Biane in a close race and definite November runoff with Rutherford?

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InlandPolitics: Redlands says “Yes” to Wal-Mart

The City of Redlands ballot referendum opposing the establishment of a Wal-Mart Supercenter failed last night with 55.04% voting “No” to Measure “O”.

InlandPolitics: AD 63: Morrell cruises to victory


Businessman Mike Morrell easily cruised to victory in the Republican Primary for the 63rd Assembly District.

The following numbers, embarrassing for some. say it all.

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Riverside County District Attorney Rod Pacheco has been defeated by Superior Court Judge Paul Zellerbach.

With 90.38% of the vote counted Zellerbach has 53.04% of the vote.

InlandPolitics: S.B. County: Results unchanged

As of the 11:51 P.M. update by the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters there was no placement change from previous results.

There is still a large number of precincts in the 2nd Supervisorial District left to be counted.