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All appointed and elected San Bernardino County incumbents successfully secured election or reelection this evening.

The following absentee results have been posted.

Results as of 10:32 P.M. on 06/08/2010.
Sheriff                  Rod Hoops**        67.45 %    43,975   Votes
                         Paul Schrader      20.71 %    13,502   Votes
                         Mark Averbeck      11.84 %     7,720   Votes
District Attorney        Michael Ramos**    54.90 %    36,655   Votes
                         Bob Conaway        28.33 %    18,913   Votes
                         Frank Guzman       16.77 %    11,199   Votes
Assessor-Recorder        Dennis Draeger**   74.96 %    48,467   Votes
                         Alfred Palazzo     25.04 %    16,192   Votes
Auditor-Controller       Larry Walker**     72.42 %    47,844   Votes
                         Ensen Mason        27.58 %    18,225   Votes
Sup.of County Schools    Gary Thomas**      63.13 %    40,827   Votes
                         Arturo Delgado     19.55 %    12,642   Votes
                         Rita Ramirez-Dean  17.32 %    11,199   Votes


San Bernardino County supervisor Paul Biane will face Fontana Councilwoman Janice Rutherford in a November runoff.

In early numbers both Biane and Rutherford are in a tight first and second placing.

Chaffey Union High School trustee Art Bustamonte is pulling a distant third place.


Results as of 10:32 P.M. on 06/08/2010
Biane                34.14 %    4,687  Votes
Rutherford           31.14 %    4,275  Votes
Bustamonte           16.43 %    2,256  Votes

Carly Fiorina

Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina has secured the Republican nomination for the United State Senate and will face incumbent Barbara Boxer in November.


Fourth District supervisor and Chairman Gary Ovitt has handily won reelection to a third term on the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors.

Riverside County supervisor John Tavaglione has defeated challenger Herb Higgins. Marion Ashley who ran unopposed has officially won. Supervisor John Benoit is in a tight race with Gary Jeandron.

Former EBay CEO Meg Whitman has won the California Republican Primary over Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner.

Whitman will now face with Former Governor and sitting Attorney General Edmund “Jerry” Brown.

Yesterday’s pre-trial court hearing in the case against Rancho Cucamonga City Councilman and former Assessor’s employee Rex Gutierrez was interesting to say the least.

Between Friday and Monday’s proceedings you would have thought it was two different cases.

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A review of Board of Supervisors candidate Art Bustamonte’s campaign finance records revealed some very odd donor characteristics.

Odd as in a red flag.

I’ve reviewed many a campaign report, and a few of the donors on Bustamonte’s report definitely stand out.

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Within a just few days of a story being published here at inlandpolitics, regarding the mysterious appearance of signs attacking San Bernardino District Attorney Mike Ramos, something interesting happened.

The signs quietly dissappeared.

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RivPE: Judge rules on witness testimony in corruption case


(Wearing make-up)

10:00 PM PDT on Monday, June 7, 2010

The Press-Enterprise

Attorneys offered a preview Monday of their arguments in the corruption trial of former San Bernardino County assessor’s official Rex Gutierrez as they prepare to begin the case this week.

Superior Court Judge Duke Rouse heard from prosecutors and defense attorneys regarding potentially significant witness testimony at a pre-trial hearing. Rouse denied a request by prosecutors to allow hearsay testimony from one of their key witnesses and put off a decision on what, if any testimony, influential Rancho Cucamonga developer Jeff Burum must provide.

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SBSun: Burum seeks to avoid testimony

Developer intends to take 5th in Gutierrez trial
Mike Cruz, Staff Writer
Posted: 06/07/2010 09:05:31 PM PDT

A lawyer for developer Jeff Burum said Monday that he advised Burum to assert his Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate himself if called to testify in the criminal trial of Rancho Cucamonga Councilman Rex Gutierrez.

Burum’s lawyer John Vandevelde made the revelation in San Bernardino Superior Court as trial proceedings began for Gutierrez, who faces felony charges stemming from an investigation into alleged malfeasance at the county Assessor’s Office.

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SBSun: Experts predict low voter turnout

County offices, primary picks on ballot
James Rufus Koren, Staff Writer
Posted: 06/07/2010 09:02:14 PM PDT

If you’re a registered voter in California, chances are you won’t go to the polls today or you haven’t mailed back an absentee ballot.

Polls open at 7 a.m. for this year’s primary election – which will decide who will serve in various county offices and who will represent their political parties in this fall’s general election – but most registered California voters simply don’t show up for this kind of election.

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SBSun: San Bernardino looks to taxes to close deficit

Council narrows focus

Andrew Edwards, Staff Writer
Posted: 06/07/2010 09:06:46 PM PDT

SAN BERNARDINO – The City Council on Monday instructed City Manager Charles McNeely and his staff to focus on five tax and fee proposals in the attempt to solve a $24 million deficit.

The proposals include the renewal of a citywide assessment district that could result in the city levying a parcel tax to pay for libraries, parks or other city services. The city had this system in place until the 1997-98 fiscal year. The official estimate is that bringing it back could allow City Hall to collect $6 million to $7 million annually.

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SBSun: Rialto to hold budget workshop

Josh Dulaney, Staff Writer
Posted: 06/07/2010 05:05:05 PM PDT

RIALTO – The economic recovery is welcome to show up here anytime soon, as the city is still fighting a budget shortfall.

Officials are estimating a $3.8 million deficit under a revised General Fund budget for fiscal 2009-10 ending June 30.

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10:00 PM PDT on Monday, June 7, 2010

The Press-Enterprise

A nearly all-day Redlands budget session began Monday morning with sign-carrying protesters outside City Hall and a standing-room-only crowd inside.

By afternoon, the crowd had dwindled as the Redlands City Council continued its line-by-line look at the 2010-11 budget and what would become of city services with cuts of 12 to 17 percent.

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Meg Whitman

California Watch
A Project of the Center for Investigative Reporting
Money and Politics

California WatchBlog

June 8, 2010 | Chase Davis, Timothy Sandoval and Robert Salladay

Two recent polls that peg Meg Whitman as a virtually guaranteed winner in today’s Republican gubernatorial primary have been ranked among the most accurate in the country, according to a study released this week by political/statistical website

The widely respected Field Poll took the crown as the nation’s most accurate, according to the study. It also showed Whitman heading into Election Day with a whopping 26-point lead over Poizner.

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SFChronicle: Stimulus funds drying up as state woes rise

Carolyn Lochhead, Chronicle Washington Bureau

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

(06-08) 04:00 PDT Washington — Despite high unemployment and fiscal woes that could lead to more layoffs, the free flow of federal stimulus dollars to California may be drawing to an end. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, under assault from Democratic budget hawks and small-government conservatives, failed to crush a rebellion last month by moderates worried about deficits. She was forced to strip from a jobs bill $24 billion in state aid, mainly for Medicaid, and trim an extension of unemployment and health care benefits for people who have been out of work longer than six months.

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