Written by Administrator
June 7th, 2010 at 12:20 am

Dr. GnanaDev,

Rumor has it that you claim you do not understand why you are being attacked. Well let me tell you all about it from my personal perspective.

I have discussed the issues with some of your colleagues but I also worked at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center (ARMC) for just over a year. Much of what I write about I witnessed first hand.

ARMC is a county-operated public hospital. As such, its primary function in the community is to serve as a safety-net for those who would otherwise have no health care. Its purpose is not to line your pockets.

As a modern, state-of-the-art county hospital, ARMC should be in the enviable position of not only serving the poor and under-insured, but also middle- and upper-middle class insured residents. But to be in that position, members of our community must feel that ARMC will provide safe, adequate care. And that is where ARMC has failed in recent years.

One of the doctors I have spoken with at length is Dr. Frank Comunale, former medical director of the San Bernardino County Hospital over on Gilbert Street. He spent 18 years of his life there and was among those that brought the dream of a state-of-the-art facility to fruition. I understand completely why he is so disappointed and angry with you. He has watched as you have driven his and many others’ years of work into the ground.

When ARMC first opened, it was a first-class hospital and it was THE trauma center to go to when seriously injured. Under your tutelage it has become the hospital of last resort. It should be a hospital that any member of our community feels safe in going to, but rather many fear winding up there.

A county hospital’s lifeblood is Medi-Cal and Medicare but the ability to serve insured patients adds to its worth to the community. But as it stands now, who in their right mind that has insurance would want to go to ARMC? No one I know. And that is a shame.

Well, no one but our members of the Board of Supervisors, who despite having the best insurance possible, choose to get free medical care at ARMC at your direction. I’m not sure you realize how much that pisses many of us off. Here these people making $152,000a a year plus tens of thousands of dollars in benefits get free medical care and I have been without my thyroid and blood pressure medication since February and I’m a county employee. And I’m hardly the only one having to go without medication while you pander to elected officials. Yes, that is right. Many county employees and members of the community go without needed medication while you and our elected’s cheat the taxpayers.

Between stories of patient abuse, cover up, malpractice, and an inability to bill insurance properly ARMC is not somewhere the average working Joe wants to go. There are lots of other options that don’t have those issues.

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