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InlandPolitics: AD59: Lancaster leads pack in fundraising


GOP candidates on a quest to replace Assemblyman Anthony Adams next year are in the home stretch this week.

Campaign finance reports filed last week show Chris Lancaster with a commanding lead over all others with $166,978.00 in contributions received. Claremont Mayor Corey Calaycay was in second place taking in $93, 037.61 followed by Hesperia School Board member Anthony Riley at $67,641.72.

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InlandPolitics: Lindley hired as Dunsmuir city manager

Jim Lindley

Former San Bernardino County Public Health Director Jim Lindley has been hired as City Manager for Dunsmuir, California.

Dunsmuir is located in scenic Siskiyou County.

In addition to his position in Public Health, Lindley held other managerial assignments with the county including Director of Purchasing and Director of Legislative Affairs.

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Anger and confusion seems to be dominating labor relations in San Bernardino County these days.

Ballots with proposals dealing with a myriad of concessions and givebacks have been hitting employee mailboxes. When you talk to the employees and look at information provided, it’s easy to see what’s happening.

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With Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner about to be handed his head by former eBay CEO Meg Whitman in the GOP primary for California Governor.

InlandPolitics has been wondering what excuses former State Senator-turned-political consultant Jim Brulte will come up with.

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Brad Hudson

10:00 PM PDT on Monday, May 31, 2010

The Press-Enterprise

Five years into his tenure as Riverside city manager, Brad Hudson is earning mainly high marks for his performance.

Fans say he turns in quality work, stays on task and makes his bosses on the council look good.

Critics, however, say Hudson doesn’t always listen or work well with others, and his staff fails to reflect the diversity of the community it serves.

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Liset Marquez, Staff Writer
Created: 05/31/2010 09:15:31 PM PDT

ONTARIO – Councilman Alan Wapner wants to bring God back into city government.

Inspired by the e-mailed words of a Bakersfield-based nonprofit, he is asking City Council members to consider adding the words “In God We Trust” to the bottom of the city seal.

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SBSun: Labor spends big in state’s elections

Union money rules

Neil Nisperos, Staff Writer
Posted: 05/31/2010 09:58:24 PM PDT

Candidates know partnering with big labor can mean free and nearly unlimited manpower for grass-roots political campaigning during election time.

While Republican primary front- runner and billionaire Meg Whitman is spending millions on her gubernatorial campaign, Democratic candidate Jerry Brown is counting on union muscle in his campaign for the governor’s seat.

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SBSun: Interest groups’ $1.3B shapes policy in California

Teachers biggest election spenders
Neil Nisperos, Staff Writer
Posted: 05/31/2010 10:01:19 PM PDT

Unions can flex serious muscle when it comes to fighting for political agendas as evidenced by the vast amounts of money they spend on influencing state policy.

A report released in March titled “Big Money Talks” revealed 15 public-interest groups spent $1.3 billion toward policy shaping in the past decade, according to the California Fair Political Practices Commission report, “Big Money Talks.”

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SBSun: Area officials don’t like Proposition 16

PG&E power grab?

James Rufus Koren, Staff Writer
Posted: 05/31/2010 09:58:19 PM PDT

Local officials say a ballot measure backed by one of the state’s largest utility companies is a power grab disguised as a push for voters’ rights.

If approved, Proposition 16, which will appear on next week’s primary election ballot, would require citizen approval of any plans for a city to create or expand a city-owned electric company. Pacific Gas and Electric Co., a Northern California utility company and the sole financial backer of the Yes on Prop. 16 campaign, has committed $28.5 million to promoting the measure.

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VVDailyPress: Attorney tests Victorville’s transparency

May 31, 2010 12:00 PM
Brooke Edwards

VICTORVILLE • An attorney with the First Amendment Coalition is looking into how Victorville officials use personal e-mail accounts to do city business, and whether their practice conflicts with state or city policy.

The inquiry was sparked after Mayor Pro Tem Mike Rothschild discussed during a council meeting in March an e-mail exchange he’d had with a foreign citizen interested in investing with the city. But when the Daily Press requested a copy of those e-mails a couple of days later, Rothschild said he couldn’t provide them because he’d deleted the messages.

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DailyBulletin: Candidate suspended as lawyer in 2004

Assembly hopeful fired as deputy D.A.
Wes Woods II, Staff Writer
Created: 05/31/2010 09:57:14 PM PDT

While serving as a Los Angeles County deputy district attorney in 2004, a Republican candidate for the 59th Assembly District seat was suspended for 30 days and placed on three years probation.

According to the State Bar of California, Iver Bye, a Phelan attorney, had multiple misconduct counts.

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Survey finds 49% support the ballot measure but a third of those only “somewhat” support it. Of the 41% who oppose it, a vast majority believe it will worsen social problems. One in 10 are undecided.

By John Hoeffel, Los Angeles Times

May 31, 2010 | 3:00 p.m.

California voters, by a modest margin, think they should be allowed to grow and consume marijuana, according to a new poll that also found more than 1 in 3 voters had tried pot and more than 1 in 10 had lit up in the past year.

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Whitman expands primary lead; Fiorina pulls out from the pack

By Seema Mehta, Los Angeles Times

May 31, 2010 | 7:25 p.m.

Facing new poll results that show Meg Whitman with a 24-point lead in the Republican gubernatorial primary, rival Steve Poizner on Monday slammed the former EBay chief, saying she has tried to buy the nomination by spending an “obscene amount of money.”

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By Dan Walters
Published: Tuesday, Jun. 1, 2010 – 12:00 am | Page 3A

California’s cities are feeling the financial pinch as property and sales tax revenues stagnate or decline and as the spending commitments they made during the now-deflated housing boom, especially bigger payrolls, haunt them.

The Pew Charitable Trusts has declared Los Angeles to have the fourth worst fiscal condition of the 13 large cities it surveyed. Former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan has advocated bankruptcy for his city, and the current mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, is calling for the city’s payroll to be sharply downsized.

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Meg Whitman

By Dan Balz
Monday, May 31, 2010

REDWOOD CITY, CALIF. — At a time when California’s economy ranks among the worst in the nation, there is still at least one bull market in the state. The battle for the Republican gubernatorial nomination is recession-proof.

Front-runner Meg Whitman, the billionaire former chief executive of eBay, and state insurance commissioner Steve Poizner, a former Silicon Valley entrepreneur, have filled the state’s television screens and mailboxes with a series of attacks over immigration and challenges to the other’s conservative credentials.

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