Written by Senor Blogger
May 25th, 2010 at 12:46 am

Is Assemblyman Bill Emmerson (R-Hemet/Upland/Redlands/Wherever) turning against one of his strongest endorsers? For years, DA Mike Ramos and Bill Emmerson have been politically close. DA Mike Ramos has endorsed Emmerson for legislative offices through the years, and Emmerson has backed Ramos for district attorney.

However, is that supposedly close political relationship about to change?

With much fanfare, it was announced in February 2010 that DA Ramos believed that Second District County Supervisor Paul Biane (who was identified only as a “John Doe”) was an unindicted co-conspirator in alleged malfeasance related to the 2006 Colonies settlement. Biane, like most of those charged by Ramos, denies all allegations, and he himself has not yet been charged. However, at a press conference that attracted statewide media attention, Ramos made clear when unveiling Biane’s possible involvement in an alleged corruption scheme that the criminal investigation remains “ongoing.”

Given Emmerson’s closeness to Ramos, why then, is the assemblyman not only endorsing Paul Biane’s re-election, but actively campaigning for Biane?

Noteworthy: Supervisor Paul Biane’s top political aide is Omar Gonzales. Mr. Gonzales is married to Emmerson Field Representative and former Emmerson for State Senate Communications Director Gina Gonzales. Official FPPC documents disclose that Omar Gonzales himself received payments for work associated with Emmerson’s recent election campaign for State Senate.

Just this past weekend, Emmerson’s current legislative staff rallied around beleaguered Camp Biane and spent a Saturday door-knocking, precinct walking and encouraging Second District residents to vote FOR an individual whom DA Ramos has tagged as an unindicted co-conspirator.

That Assemblyman Bill Emmerson is inserting himself in this San Bernardino County regional race is surprising in itself, since former Redlands resident Emmerson relocated to Riverside County in order to accept a state senate seat in that jurisdiction.

Perhaps Emmerson is supporting a fellow politico whom he believes has been unfairly targetted by Ramos–that the allegations are inaccurate. Of course, if Supervisor Biane is being unfairly targeted, then surely others–like Bill Postmus and Jim Erwin–are as well.

Also of note, Bill Emmerson’s civil attorney (who defended Emmerson in a legal matter regarding a court challenge to Emmerson’s new Riverside County residency) is Jim Lacy. Lacy, who in addition to being an lawyer is also a prominent political slate mail vendor, just donated a mailing that blasted supposed deficiencies of DA Mike Ramos.

So, the question is this: Is Bill Emmerson associating with Ramos opponents because he has no faith in Ramos? Or is it a lack of faith in Ramos’ investigation?

The relationship between Bill Emmerson and those Ramos has in his cross-hairs is curious, to say the least.

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