One things for certain.

San Bernardino County doesn’t want any bad news made public. And when it does go public by way of internal leaks, the course of action is to downplay or deny.

The current situation at San Bernardino County-owned and operated Arrowhead Regional Medical Center (ARMC) is a prime example.

When allegations alleging a breakdown in quality of care began surfacing several months, hospital and county officials denied any problems existed. This was until outside investigations surfaced that found critical breakdowns in medical care and other areas.

Medicare and MediCal have threatened to terminate reimbursements to the facility. A threat that doesn’t materialize until after at least two prior warnings.

I can’t find any public disclosures of any prior warnings to the facility.

In many cases medical facilities that fall under federal and state scrutiny to the level of ARMC require drastic management restructuring.

Other recent fiasco’s still percolating involve white-washing an investigative report involving District Attorney Michael Ramos related to alleged retaliation and harassment of a former mistress of Ramos. Back-up material in possession of county lawyers related to the investigation reportedly conflicts with the publicly disclosed findings is being hidden. Under current legal case law the material in question is public record.

On another front, a management problem resulting in a multi-million dollar loss in the county’s Land Use Services Department has yet to be fully and publicly accounted for. Is it $6 million?, $10 million?, or $12 million? No one can seem to tell the truth in the matter, nor can a plausible explanation be given. The resulting deficit has led to dozens of layoffs and blame apparently being placed on a “low-level” supervisor.

The former Land Use director is privately making it clear that her departure was forced, and she was screwed over.

All of this and other breakdowns occurred under the administration of former County Administrative Officer Mark Uffer.

Uffer was terminated last year by county supervisors and has threatened to file litigation against the county and others, who he alleges dismissed him for “alleged” whistle blowing, even though no one knew what he was doing at the time.

The material that Uffer has so far publicly produced amounts to nothing more than cocktail napkin notes, innuendo, gossip, speculation, and rumors. It’ll be interesting to see how he accomplishes his legal goals without shooting himself in the head as being a willing participant in whatever he alleges. Based upon his own documentation, he clearly didn’t see a problem with much of anything until Neil Derry had become supervisor-elect. Then Uffer, apparently viewed his days as being numbered, and started ‘keeping book” on everyone.

It appears Uffer viewed Derry and his incoming incoming Chief of Staff Jim Erwin as a threat.

With Uffer’s affinity for Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel, it’s surprising he remembered anything.

Now we have Matt Brown, Chief of Staff to Second District Supervisor Paul Biane jumping on the Uffer litigation bandwagon. Brown is a witness in the ongoing corruption investigation being conducted by Ramos, and has alleged he has been the focus of threats and intimidation from sources internal and external to the county, due to his cooperation.

Brown had made it known to many that he wanted to stay in San Bernardino County government and retire there. Brown had worked it out with Uffer that he would stay in the county administration, if and when Biane left his elected post.

But Uffer’s dismissal blew that plan up. The safety-net for Brown was now gone. Brown had already thrown his boss under the bus with the DA prior to Uffer’s demise. So Brown’s situation became problematic. Eventually his actions and statements, true nor not, would be known to the public as well as Biane.

Brown will certainly have his share of stories to tell, along with those of Uffer.

Interestingly, Brown’s spouse Jessica was the County Administrative Office budget analyst assigned to oversee the Land Use Services Department as the aforementioned multi-million dollar budget meltdown grew in size. Uffer walled her off from the financial problem and kept her out of the lime-light.

Matt Brown is also being represented by San Bernardino attorney Sanford Kassel.

Interestingly, Kassel also represents Uffer.

Kassel has stated publicly that he is coordinating with the District Attorney, any cooperation by Mr. Brown in an internal investigation being conducted by county human resources. That investigation is focused solely on Brown’s allegations of threats and intimidation directed at him. Kassel’s reasoning is Brown was admonished not to discuss his grand jury testimony or statements to investigators.

So what does that have to do with the instant situation?

Why would Brown’s other testimony and statements be relevant to him giving information related to being harassed and intimidated after-the-fact?

After all, he’s not going to be asked what he said to officials, but what others said to him.

Additionally, why would the District Attorney be involved in coordinating a witnesses activity with a civil attorney, whose only purpose would be to represent Brown in a civil action against the county seeking monetary damages?

Why would a District Attorney assist in a civil matter?

If there’s intimidation involving a witness in a criminal case, then file a criminal complaint.

Sources say the District Attorney’s office is pissed at Kassel for publicly exposing their office in his clients civil strategy. A highly inappropriate stance for the DA to place themselves in.

Another interesting question; Why would Brown publicize his Kassel-composed complaint and the fact he carbon copied it to the DA during Biane’s contested reelection campaign?

There’s definitely more San Bernardino County cover-up and dirt disclosures forthcoming………