Written by Administrator
May 18th, 2010 at 2:09 pm

Today I had the chance to meet directly with an Arrowhead Regional Medical Center (ARMC) doctor, who contacted iePolitics due to the articles we have been writing about the hospital.  The doctor provided iePolitics with a plethora of documentation to prove claims of mismanagement, inappropriate financial arrangements by ARMC Medical Director Dr. Dev GnanaDev, and a host of other accusations.  We will be discussing some of these issues in the days to come.

Out of all the discussion that took place this morning, one 60-second portion affected me more than anything else.  This doctor described a procedure that they have personally witnessed which is known to be occurring by Dr. Gnanadev for the purpose of bringing in more revenue for one of the groups he oversees, the Emergency Room doctors.

When trauma patients arrive at ARMC and complain of pain, they are now being intubated, placed on respirators even if they are NOT having breathing issues, and given medication to paralyze them, but NOT given pain medication.  In other words, they are in pain, perhaps agonizing pain, unable to speak because of the respirator, and unable to move or resist because of the medication.  The medical staff is not able to communicate with them adequately.  And, patients are remembering all of this after they get out of surgery or recover!  (They are receiving anesthesia for the surgery of course.)

It does not matter what insurance we may have, any one of us could find ourselves or a loved one being airlifted to ARMC as a trauma patient.  Fortunately, from what I hear, many trauma cases are being diverted to Loma Linda when possible because the trauma center at ARMC has become so poorly run, but not one of us want to be put in the nightmarish situation described above.

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