Written by Administrator
May 12th, 2010 at 8:18 pm

I will not publish the Sun’s endorsements here. You will have to look for them yourself. I am completely disgusted with them. You can tell there was no point in challengers even bothering to show up.

For a paper that sometimes rails against county corruption, one would think all Board of Supervisors-appointed incumbents would be looked at as suspect. But the paper is endorsing incumbents across the board, except maybe superintendent as that has yet to be announced. Instead of being a watchdog for the public, it has become a lapdog for the Board of Supervisors and appointed officials.

So, what we all want to know Frank Pine, what does Mike Ramos have on you? Give it 60 days and you will so regret succumbing to threats rather than giving your readers the truth. You know we are right. You have been given evidence of the truth and have chosen to ignore it. Shame on you.